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Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Online


Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Online

Chorabali Full Movie – Youtube

Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Cast and Crew:
Directed by Redoan Rony
Produced by A ScreenHouse Entertainment Salehin Swapan
Maasranga Productions Production
Screenplay by Redoan Rony
Starring Indraneil Sengupta
Joya Ahsan
ATM Samsujjaman
Salehin Swapan
Sahidujjaman Selim
Music by Hridoy Khan
Cinematography Khair Khandakar
Release date(s)
21 December 2012
Running time 155 minutes
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali

Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Story:
Chorabali, is the story of the rampant corruption in high places, as it exists in out society the victim of which are the youth, played by Rudranil Ghosh, Biswanath, Suman, Gourav. The unsuspecting youngsters looking for a job are used by the so called powerful business that is trapped in a vicious circle leading to their arrest. They meet the main protagonist Sabyasachi Chakraborty in jail.

In jail the call mates exchange notes and they discover that they have a common enemy. They decide to live in honor they must clear their name. And in order to do so they need freedom… They plan to escape and manage to do just that, and from their hideout, strike on several occasions to avenge their imprisonment.

Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Trailer:

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Chorabali (2012) Bangla Full Movie Online

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